Volume 3 (September 2011)


Strata’s Team | p. III
Table of Contents | p. IV
Letter from the editor | p. VI
Mission | p. VIII


Sources orales et contribution à l’histoire des peuples montagnards du Cameroun (Monts Mandara) : une expérience personnelle de terrain | p. 1
MELCHISIDEK CHÉTIMA, PhD candidate at Université Laval

Synthesizing Current Research: Women’ Higher Education and the World Wars | p. 24
ANNE M. E. MILLAR, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa

A Difference in Sixteenth-Century French Violence | p. 55
REX BARNES, MA student at Concordia University

Military Revolutions and Revolutions in Military Affairs: Accurate Descriptions of Change or Intellectual Constructs? | p. 82
MICHAEL J. THOMPSON, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa

Not Here by Choice: Canada’s Importation of Child Labourers | p. 109
LORI JONES, MA student at the University of Ottawa  

Book reviews

Lynn Abrams. Oral History Theory | p. 137
KIM MADSEN, MA student at the University of Victoria

Donica Belisle. Retail Nation : Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada | p. 140
MADELEINE KLOSKE, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa

Nancy Christie et Michael Gauvreau. Christian Churches and their Peoples, 1840-1965: A Social History of Religion in Canada | p. 144
ÉMILIE PIGEON, PhD candidate at York University

Jonathon Glassman. War of Words, War of Stones: Racial Thought and Violence in Colonial Zanzibar | p. 148
ROBERT NATHAN, PhD candidate at Dalhousie University

Andrew Rossos. Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History | p. 151
JULIAN BROOKS, PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University

Andrew Smith. British Businessmen and Canadian Confederation: Constitution Making in an Era of Anglo-Globalization | p. 154
MICHAEL COMMITO, PhD candidate at McMaster University