Volume 7 (August 2017)


Strata’s Team | p. i
Table of contents | p. iii
Letter from the Editor | p. v
Strata’s Mission | p. vii
Call for papers | p. viii

Articles | p. 1

Anti-Semitism in Poland: No, the Nazis did not invent it | p. 1
MARIE-DOMINIQUE ASSELIN, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa

Les dictionnaires au-delà des mots: apprentissage et contacts entre autochtones et jésuites en Nouvelle-France | p. 19
FANNIE DIONNE, PhD candidate at McGill University

Far and Near: the Repatriation and Overseas Burials of American Soldiers after World War I | p. 41
KARINE LANDRY, MA student at the University of Ottawa

Les Semaines sociales du Canada et l’élite canadienne-française (1920-1958) : Une exploration statistique | p. 65
Olivier Lemieux, PhD candidate at the Université Laval

Here Lies Project Cybersyn (1971-1973) Salvador Allende and Stafford Beer’s Cybernetic System of Coordination for Chile’s Economy (1971-1973) | p. 103
ROSE CLANCEY, MA student at the University of Ottawa

Pierre Savard Conference | p. 127

Working-Class Illegitimacy in Victorian London: Chronicles of Negotiation | p. 129
VIRGINIA LYNN GRIMALDI, PhD candidate at York University

Making Serbness: The Mapping of Nationhood and Re-imagining Yugoslavia, 1918-1992 | p. 159
DELILA BIKIĆ, MA student at the Munk School of Global Affairs and at the Massey College

“A Commemoration…A Celebration…A Cultural Renewal”: Contesting Nationalisms in Commemorations of the Batoche Centenary, 1985 | p. 175
HANNAH ROTH COOLEY, MA student at the University of Ottawa

Contributors | p. 197
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